Wahoo's Fish Taco

Flatiron - Park Ave Between 24th and 25th

Mexican Asian Fusion

​I’m so high right now. Wait no, that’s the guy behind the counter. Welcome to Wahoo’s Fish Taco.

​Three Brazilian bro’s grew up in Sao Paulo above the family Chinese restaurant, move to Orange County and become surfers. Confused? Still trying to figure out where Mexican food comes into play? Basically how I felt when I got up to the register to order. Maybe you can get second hand stoned...?

​I wanted nothing more than to love this place. The idea is fresh and untapped in New York City. Shred some concrete on your long board over to Wahoo’s, grab some grub with the boy’s, and drink a brew at the bar. Head back to Union Square to do kick flips, pop-shove-it’s and slap stickers on telephone poles till the sun goes down. Totally gnarly. Just one slight problem; the food is mediocre.

Cajun fish tacos were a little dry, and the shrimp taco’s lacked any flavor. The Maui Bowl; teriyaki marinated steak with beans and rice had an interesting flavor, just not interesting enough to order it again. The food may be good enough for SoCal, but then again Seth Cohen was good enough for Summer Roberts.


J.G. Melon

UES – 3rd Ave and 74th Street


Walking into JG Melon is like going up to the hottest girl at the bar right off the bat. You don’t really expect her to have the slightest bit of interest in you, or in this case you know you’re not about to just prance in with your Polo and Sperry’s on and sit right down at a table; but what the hell, worth a shot right?

Enter the Burger Nazi. Yes, JG Melon is a comfortable old fashion burger bar once you’re seated, but the owners didn’t exactly read Dale Carnegie's book How to Win Friends and Influence People. From my experience, it seems like Mien Kampf may be more in line with their summer reading list growing up.

No room for a hostess stand here. Melon’s occupies a small space on the NE corner of the street and does a good job getting people seated considering the limited space. The owner walks around with a clipboard, taking names and dishing out waits. Once you put your name down, say thank you, take two penguin wattles to the left and get out of the way.

When it comes to the food, Melon’s slaps together one of the best burgers in NYC. I recommend starting off with the chili cup, followed by a juicy bacon cheeseburger (medium rare) and a side of cafeteria-style fries. The perfect trifecta.

Just remember, cash only, or no burger for you.





UES – 2rd Ave Between 77th and 78th


It’s Sunday morning, and that means the Sunday night anxiety monsters are only hours away from creeping into your brain. It’s going to be okay. Put down the zany-bar and go to Sable’s. Danny and Kenny Sze’s world-class smoked salmon joint should help buy you some time with peace of mind. If nothing else the taste will distract you from the reality; this time tomorrow morning you’ll be stick’n it to the man.

Owners Danny and Kenny Sze started Sable’s after managing Zabar’s for 12 years in the Appetizer Department. In other words, our boys graduated Magna Cum Lox from the University of Zabar’s, three times! Their quality smoked nova, and famous lobster salad are evidence that they took great notes.

Moving on… The deli is filled with character. Aside from the catering posters and salami hanging from the ceiling, the walls are decorated with Polaroid pictures of the owners with celebrity visitors such as Michael Jordan, Walt “Clyde” Frazier, Rodney Dangerfield, Cindy Crawford, and fellow foodie Anthony Bourdain, sprinkled in with some average Upper East side Joe’s to fill space.

The food is a little pricey but great quality take-out. Head back to your flat and become one with the couch. After all, you earned it this week, and you’re about to earn it all over again starting tomorrow.



Pio Pio

UWS - 94th & Amsterdamn / Hells Kitchen - 10th Ave Between 43rd and 44th

Murray Hill - 34th Between 2nd and 3rd / UES - 1st Ave Between 90th and 91st


When I first moved to the City, I asked a friend to suggest a good cheap restaurant. He recommended Pio Pio. He gave me a taste and I’ve been hooked ever since. Similar to the taste Bobby Brown gave Whitney Houston, it was to die for...Too soon?

Anyways, call me insensitive but the Peruvian chicken is about as addictive as their prices. The Matador combo truly grabs the bull by the horns. $32 for a whole rotisserie chicken, avocado salad, rice and beans, and fries topped with sliced hot dogs. $24 for a whole rotisserie chicken, large fries and avocado salad. The owners must be on crack. If you feel like “splurging,” I recommend kicking your meal off with the fried calamari.

Prices are great, but what separates Pio Pio from the rest of the rotisserie chicken world is the secret green sauce. I once tried to call up for the ingredients claiming to be allergic to practically everything, but Pio Pio wouldn’t budge. The green sauce add a spicy creamy chicken kicker and acts as a great compliment to the avocado salad. Thank you Pio Pio for filling my stomach without emptying my wallet.





UES - 84th Street Between Lexington and 3rd Ave


It would only be right to pop my blog cherry with sweet sweet Nicola’s. First post goes to my all-time favorite.

Nicola's is an old-school UES Italian staple. Since 1991, Nicola's has delivered top-notch Northern Italian family style cuisine. The restaurant is always filled but never has much of a wait. The Goodfellas family atmosphere and waiters with thick Italian accents adds some flavor to the overall experience. The owners are not about thrills. Simply delicious Italian cooking. While the restaurant is always full of life, enjoying a nice family dinner without screaming across the table is never a problem at Nicolas.

The pollo parmigiana is unparalleled. I would put Nicolas chick parm up against any challenger, ALL IN. I tell everyone I know to go here with extreme confidence that they will not be disappointed even after my overexcited hype job. The pressed pollo parmigiana fills your entire plate and comes equipped with a side of green beans. I recommend asking for a side of spaghetti and marinara sauce as well. The essence: extra marinara sauce. Yes, that’s in addition to the marinara sauce with your spaghetti. Trust me on this one. If it wasn’t weird, I would drink it out of a glass.



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