Montauk – Ditch Plains Dirt Lot Road B


Turf, ever heard of it?  Probably not.  After a long exploration for the best lobster rolls in New York I was ready to crown The Lobster Roll aka Lunch as the champion.  That was until a local surfer led me to Turf.  Luke’s Lobster, Red Hook, Clam Bar, Ruschmeyer’s, The Sloppy Tuna, Duryea’s, Gosman’s and Cyril’s are all worthy competition but a far cry from the quality lobster rolls produced at the Ditch.  Turf, like Seabiscuit, had an inauspicious and somewhat unknown start, but the unlikely champion pulled off a victory that left me craving more.

Hidden down the Dirt Lot past the East Deck Motel in Ditch Plains lays an original 1967 Globetrotter Airstream.  The silver bullet serves fresh lobster rolls for local surfers and kook’s.  The quality lobster comes locally from Gosman’s Fish Market before Turf magically combines the lobster chunk and lobster salad styles.  Brought together by a touch of Old Bay-esq seasoning and a garnish of sliced scallion.  At a price of $18 Turf is $8 cheaper than The Lobster Roll and $3 more than Luke’s making themselves competitive in the pricey lobster roll game.

Do more, do less, better yet don’t do anything.  This may just be the staff’s modo and not just Paul Rudd teaching Jason Siegel how to surf in Forgetting Sarah Marshall.  As they say: quality, price and service, pick two.  Quality? Check.  Price?  Check.  Service? …………… Let’s just chalk this up to the surfer bros endless summer, time standing still mentality. 

Pop up, do more.


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