Katz's Delicatessen

LES – Corner of E. Houston St. and Ludlow St. 


Katz’s has been slicing and dicing New York City’s finest slabs of pastrami and corned beef between two pieces of rye bread since 1888.

If there is a line, I can promise you it’s more than worth the wait.  A historic landmark on New York’s Lower East Side, Katz’s runs the old fashion way. No, believe it or not, they don’t have an app that lets you pay seamlessly through your iPhone. Grab a ticket and make sure you hold onto it, or it will cost you $50 on the way out. 

As you approach the counter, remember to stick to the basics, pastrami and brown mustard on rye or a good ol’ Reuben are as good as it gets.  Katz’s goes through about 10,000 lbs of pastrami a week.  Just the tip… can go a long way.  The meat men are known to return the favor with a generous pastrami tasting while you wait to those who “take care of them.” 

Katz’s has served as the site of several Hollywood films. Best known for the filming of When Harry Met Sally as Meg Ryan’s fakes an orgasm to prove a point.  [Insert orgasmic pastrami joke here] I know, I know, that’s a layup... I’ll take the assist on this one; too easy.

Enjoy your mouthwatering pastrami with pickles and a refreshing Dr. Brown root beer or cream soda.  Just don’t forget to send a salami to your boy in the Army.


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