Wahoo's Fish Taco
Friday, March 2, 2012 at 10:28AM
The Dark Knife in Flatiron, Fusion, Mexican, Tacos

Flatiron - Park Ave Between 24th and 25th

Mexican Asian Fusion

​I’m so high right now. Wait no, that’s the guy behind the counter. Welcome to Wahoo’s Fish Taco.

​Three Brazilian bro’s grew up in Sao Paulo above the family Chinese restaurant, move to Orange County and become surfers. Confused? Still trying to figure out where Mexican food comes into play? Basically how I felt when I got up to the register to order. Maybe you can get second hand stoned...?

​I wanted nothing more than to love this place. The idea is fresh and untapped in New York City. Shred some concrete on your long board over to Wahoo’s, grab some grub with the boy’s, and drink a brew at the bar. Head back to Union Square to do kick flips, pop-shove-it’s and slap stickers on telephone poles till the sun goes down. Totally gnarly. Just one slight problem; the food is mediocre.

Cajun fish tacos were a little dry, and the shrimp taco’s lacked any flavor. The Maui Bowl; teriyaki marinated steak with beans and rice had an interesting flavor, just not interesting enough to order it again. The food may be good enough for SoCal, but then again Seth Cohen was good enough for Summer Roberts.

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