Pio Pio
Saturday, February 25, 2012 at 1:29AM
The Dark Knife in Chicken, Hells Kitchen, Murray Hill, Peruvian, UES, UWS

UWS - 94th & Amsterdamn / Hells Kitchen - 10th Ave Between 43rd and 44th

Murray Hill - 34th Between 2nd and 3rd / UES - 1st Ave Between 90th and 91st


When I first moved to the City, I asked a friend to suggest a good cheap restaurant. He recommended Pio Pio. He gave me a taste and I’ve been hooked ever since. Similar to the taste Bobby Brown gave Whitney Houston, it was to die for...Too soon?

Anyways, call me insensitive but the Peruvian chicken is about as addictive as their prices. The Matador combo truly grabs the bull by the horns. $32 for a whole rotisserie chicken, avocado salad, rice and beans, and fries topped with sliced hot dogs. $24 for a whole rotisserie chicken, large fries and avocado salad. The owners must be on crack. If you feel like “splurging,” I recommend kicking your meal off with the fried calamari.

Prices are great, but what separates Pio Pio from the rest of the rotisserie chicken world is the secret green sauce. I once tried to call up for the ingredients claiming to be allergic to practically everything, but Pio Pio wouldn’t budge. The green sauce add a spicy creamy chicken kicker and acts as a great compliment to the avocado salad. Thank you Pio Pio for filling my stomach without emptying my wallet.

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