Friday, February 24, 2012 at 7:23PM
The Dark Knife in Chicken, Italian, UES



UES - 84th Street Between Lexington and 3rd Ave


It would only be right to pop my blog cherry with sweet sweet Nicola’s. First post goes to my all-time favorite.

Nicola's is an old-school UES Italian staple. Since 1991, Nicola's has delivered top-notch Northern Italian family style cuisine. The restaurant is always filled but never has much of a wait. The Goodfellas family atmosphere and waiters with thick Italian accents adds some flavor to the overall experience. The owners are not about thrills. Simply delicious Italian cooking. While the restaurant is always full of life, enjoying a nice family dinner without screaming across the table is never a problem at Nicolas.

The pollo parmigiana is unparalleled. I would put Nicolas chick parm up against any challenger, ALL IN. I tell everyone I know to go here with extreme confidence that they will not be disappointed even after my overexcited hype job. The pressed pollo parmigiana fills your entire plate and comes equipped with a side of green beans. I recommend asking for a side of spaghetti and marinara sauce as well. The essence: extra marinara sauce. Yes, that’s in addition to the marinara sauce with your spaghetti. Trust me on this one. If it wasn’t weird, I would drink it out of a glass.



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